Saturday, July 4, 2009

SomeTHin About Me...

There's somethin bout me that u should know..
im noOt That pretty..
im noOt That smart..
im no0t That gOod..
i can be very gloomy and very happy at one time..
im just an Average girl..
i am a girl with a soft side inside that sometimes it can be blurry..
u need to look close to see me who i am..
Sometimes expectations 4 me is so high too grasp..
that its makes me a little out of breath..
and sometimes i just wondering..
is there anythin in this world that will make me satisfied with myself?
how far can i go with me inside myself..
how to be me that I want to be..

p/s: some wistful thinking..haha..just need to jot something..


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